Your design. Our surface.

The transparent ghost skin overlay combines the quality and durability of the Elesgo surface with nearly any décor.

ghost skin



Flexible and powerful -
clean touch on any decor

Elesgo ghost skin is our most flexible surface design. As a specially developed transparent overlay, ghost skin extends the quality and durability of the Elesgo surface with almost any decors. The existing decorative surfaces are enhanced with the durable and haptically appealing properties of Elesgo clean touch.

The special feature of the ghost skin overlay is that it can be pressed onto melamine surfaces as well as other materials such as aluminium and metal surfaces or veneers.

Elesgo surfaces are optionally

highly scratch-resistant



insensitive to dirt

equipped with a brilliant decorative print using acrylate resins

versatile thanks to a wide range of decors, structures and gloss levels

equipped with outstanding haptic properties

manufactured based on a fully cross-linked EBC surface

Surface Structure

The peculiarity of the surface Elesgo ghost skin is the composition of transparent EBC varnishes. These coatings are applied to the substrate in multiple layers and cured using electron beams in our patented manufacturing process. The EBC technology gives the surface an extremely long-life cycle.

A hot melt adhesive is applied to the back of the surface, allowing Elesgo ghost skin to be applied to a wide variety of substrates. The special feature is that ghost skin can be pressed onto melamine as well as aluminium and metal surfaces. This gives every surface the special Elesgo clean touch properties.