ELESGO®release are release papers. They can be used in the HPL and CPL production.

In the phenol and/or melanin-soaked papers their function is to transfer a structure and in addition to provide more design options to the well-known steel band. Release papers allow an easy and rapid change in structure in the production process.

Our release papers consist of a base paper which acts as a substrate material. On this, a radiation-curable coating with additional release agents is applied in which the negative of the respective structure and gloss level is introduced. After curing by means of the electron emitter, the structure and the gloss level on the release paper cannot be changed at all. Due to the use of a flexible coating system, it is possible to use the release paper several times after cleaning, despite the high temperatures and pressures in the press.


  • Goods:                       on role
  • Processing:                in HPL and CPL presses
  • Substrate material:    Paper
  • Decoration / color:     ---       
  • Depth:                        up to 120 µm