Window sill


With ELESGO® surfaces, light-resistant and highly scratch resistant window sills are manufactured.

There are special advantages for the application areas with the electronic beam technology.

Source: Vitraz - Russia


  • Highly scratch resistant

  • Brilliant reproduction of the decorative printing by using acrylate resins

  • Absolutely water-resistant

  • Light-resistant

  • UV-resistant

  • Insensitive to pollution

  • Different decorations, structures and gloss levels

  • Anti-graffiti

  • Fully linked EBH surface



  • No material ageing

  • Processing with conventional gluing systems

  • Light sheathing

  • On continuous role laminating plants

  • Format as per customer requirement till max. 1600 mm working width

  • Release film can remain on the product after installing the window sills as protective film


All ELESGO® products are environment friendly as well as free of solvents and formaldehyde.