Work tops


Premium and stellar haptic work tops are manufactured with ELESGO® surfaces .

The electronic beam technology enables our surface to have special properties which cannot be compared to melamine.

Source: Gentas - Italy


  • Highly scratch-resistant till > 5 Newton (depending on the structure)

  • Brilliant reproduction of the decorative printing by using acrylate resins

  • Absolute water-resistance, thus suitable even for wet rooms

  • Light-resistant

  • Insensitive to pollution

  • All kinds of decorations, structures and gloss levels

  • Stellar haptic properties

  • Fully linked EBH surface

  • Special surface structure - clean touch -, it is anti fingerprint and shows no reflection


  • On HPL and CPL presses

  • For compact plate

  • Working width till max. 1600 mm

All ELESGO® products are environment friendly as well as free of solvents and formaldehyde .