ELESGO® (Elektroenstrahlgehärtete Oberfläche) [Electron beam cured surface] is the brand, which is used for9. Produktaufbau deutsch the products of DTS Systemoberflächen GmbH (Dammers-Taubert-System surfaces). This brand is nationally and internationally well-known in the area for premium decorative and technical surfaces.The surfaces of ELESGO® are used for laboratory benches, exterior facades, furniture and many other applications. It pertains to a patented process in which the surfaces require special properties such as scratch resistance, through electron beam cross-linking.

The base material used for the traditional ELESGO® surface is paper. This can be printed plain or as per the customer requirements. A pigmented coating is applied on the plain paper, so that the colour is uniformly distributed and which does not depend on the mottling of the paper.

A transparent coating is applied, which also produces the gloss of the decor along with the surface protection. In-house structures are introduced in the surface, e.g. from extreme matt to very glossy, wooden structures or aluminium brushing. The coating systems used consist of acrylate resins and are free from solvents and formaldehyde. Therefore, they are considered to be environment-friendly.



  • Product:                    on reel
  • Processing:              on shee and web laminating plants, double belt press, HPL cycle presses
  • Base material:          Paper (60 to 160 g/m2)
  • Decoration/colour:   any decorations and plain colours                                                                                      
  • Waterproofing:         5 to 15 g/m2
  • Base coat:               50 to 150 g/m2
  • Top coat:                  10 to 50 g/m2