The concept of environment and environmental protection is the first priority in the process and production development of the DTS Systemoberflächen GmbH. The patented production process is based on the premise of the complete avoidance of emissions. As a result of this, the lowest technically possible energy consumption is at the same time being acheived.

DTS Systemoberflächen GmbH produces exclusively high value products with an extremely long life cycle. During the production, there are no solvent emissions for a resin use of >1,000 tonnes/year. Regenerative raw materials are also used for the paper in the manufacturing of our products, therefore, our company is FSC certified. Our work is always formaldehyde and formaldehyde emission free. The foils used, and to a degree also the paper, consist of a high proportion of materially and thermally recyclablematerial.

Similarly, we have constant control over the energy we use and are certified by ISO 50001. Our internally transferrable heat energy is also used to heat our personnel building. There is no industrial waste water or noise emission whatsoever arising from production. The strict application of the REACH regulation to avoid using raw materials harmful to health is very close to our hearts.

Furthermore, we have converted our company vehicles to hybrid, electric and petrol because the health our children and fellow human beings is important to us. Green mentality is today already implemented in our organization.