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WITA Oberfläche

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WITAtone Oberfläche

Long-lasting and extremely flexible

WITAtone soft touch is the new surface in our product range. Its properties make it extremely felxible and therefore perfect for sheathing. The production using coloured foils makes WITAstone ideal for flat lamination as well, since there are no white crack at the edges. The curing using our EBC technology creates a fully corss-linked and long-lasting surface.

Matt and velvety

The soft touch‘s velvety feel and matt looks makes the surface nearly reflection free. WITAtone soft touch is the ideal addition to any furniture or interior fitting. The surface refines every interior design with a high-end and long-lasting finish.

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Equipped with outstanding tactile properties
  • Based on a fully cross-linked EBC surface
WITAtone Oberfläche

Surface structure

WITAtone soft touch’s special feature is that coloured PET foils and transparent EBC resins are paired. Der Lack wird in unserem Herstellungsprozess auf schwarze oder weiße PET-Folie aufgetragen und mit unserer ESH-Technologie ausgehärtet.

This way of producing causes WITAtone soft touch to be extremely flexible and makes it the perfect surface finish for any interiors fittings.


Micro scrat-resistant

Easy to clean

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WITA soft touch Oberfläche

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