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Personal service.

We are here for you 24 hours a day. The idea of service is deeply rooted in our company’s philosophy. We are always by your side to support you and your ideas. From the initial consultation to the development of your perfect Elesgosurface for your product, to support in the further processing of the surface on site, we are at your side.

We make anything possible for you. Do not hesitate and contact us at any time.

In addition to quality, versatility is what sets Elesgo surfaces apart from common melanin or LVT products. Through the patented process of the electron beam curing (EBC) we are able to give the Elesgo surface unique characteristic, such as scratch resistance, absolute water resistance, insensitivity to soiling, and much more.

The unique touch: With the Release Film it is possible to impart a texture into the surfaces. The Possibilities are versatile, for example from extremely matt to high-gloss, or stone and wood textures. This way you turn your surface in to an experience for the senses.

Please, feel free to call us for further information:
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Together we make anything possible

We develop your desired surface. For you, we make anything possible, from your personal décor to your individual colour collection. We impart your surface design with the durable, optically, and haptically appealing characteristics of an Elesgo surfaces.

Why partner with Elesgo?

Elesgo stands for high performance and environmentally friendly technology, optimised production processes, and four decades of surface innovation.

One technology

Your custom colour and décor with matching texture is produced with our patented EBC process.


We are always there for you, from the development phase to the further processing of the finished surface on your premises.


You reduce your costs in manufacturing, research and development and increase the quality of your product at the same time.

Sourced from the market leader

With EBC technology we produce the leading electron beam cured surface in the market.

Trusting partnership

You are in the best hands because we believe in transparency and working on an eye-to-eye basis.

24h global service on site

We are here for you 24 hours a day for enquiries of any kind. Even on site, we love to lend a helping hand.


We create the optimal logistics solution with you so that a smooth production process is guaranteed.

environmentally friendly technology

Not only are our products extremely durable but we forgo all formaldehyde and solvents in our production and use recycled materials where we can.