The ELESGO World – live and colourful

DTS has opened a new showroom at its Möckern site near Magdeburg. It gives customers the opportunity to experience and test a wide selection of ELESGO surfaces in five different application areas.

The new ELESGO showroom covers over 200 m2 and showcases ELESGO surfaces for a wide range of applications. Our kitchen area enables you to view classic ELESGO clean touch surfaces used to create cabinet fronts and worktops in a variety of colours. You’ll also discover different application options for home and office, with a wide range of textures, colours, and patterns. We also showcase water-resistant surfaces suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms. Check out the ELESGO laboratory surfaces and let yourself be inspired. Experience the unique quality and versatility of electron beam hardened surfaces for yourself.

The showroom also gives visitors the chance to experience and test the surfaces’ outstanding properties, such as extremely high scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and many more. You can also learn more about the cleaning of ELESGO surfaces, from the simple cleaning of light soiling to the more intensive cleaning of stains such as red wine or nail polish.

Experience the unique quality and versatility of our electron beam cured surfaces for yourself and book your appointment now at