Window sills




Customised window sill surfaces

Tailor-made: The Elesgo surfaces, you give your window sills a high-quality, decorative and tactile design. Due to the manufacturing process with ESH technology, the surfaces are endowed with special properties that provide many advantages compared to conventional materials.

Anything is possible: using the specially formulated acrylate resin paint systems, we can work with you to design your desired surface and provide it with the Elesgo surface properties.

Elesgo is green: the unique production process is environmentally friendly because we do not use solvents or formaldehydes in the entire process.

Elesgo-surfaces are optional

highly scratch resistant

extremly abrasion resistant


insensitive to dirt

equipped with a brilliant decorative print through the use of acrylate resins

versatile thanks to a wide range of decors, structures and gloss levels

equipped with outstanding haptic properties

manufactured on the basis of a fully cross-linked EBC surface

super matt

Weight: ~ 210 gram/m²

Scratch resistance: Level 3
(EN: 438-2:2016)

Gloss level: ~ 6 ± 3
(60° angle)

Dirt resistance: Group 1/2 Level 4
(EN 438-2:2016)

Radius: ≥ 5 mm