Precise and flexible.

The ELESGO clean touch surface with its self-adhesive easyfix backing: the perfect product for exhibition and interior fittings.


Elesgo window sill

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Elesgo doors

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Elesgo easyfix

Precise and flexible.

The ELESGO easyfix surface can be applied to the substrate either by machine or manually by hand roller. This allows large and curved surfaces to be coated. The grid dimensions printed on the release paper’s reverse side enable smaller sections to be precisely cut and applied. The self-adhesive coating is specially designed to enable adjustments to be made within 15 minutes of application. The micro-channels in the adhesive coating allow panels to be coated bubble-free. So, you can easily optimise your product with the well-known advantages of ELESGO clean touch, such as soft touch and anti-fingerprint properties, mechanical resilience, and much more. In addition, any small product defects are completely concealed by the ELESGO easyfix surface, which is almost reflection-free.

Highly scratch-resistant




Equipped with outstanding tactile properties

Based on a fully cross-linked EBC surface

ELESGO easyfix

Surface structure

The special feature of the ELESGO easyfix surface is the combination of the EBC coatings. These coatings are applied to the substrate in several layers and cured with our patented EBC production process.
In addition to outstanding tactile and visual properties, our EBC technology gives the surface an extremely long life. The self-adhesive film applied to the back makes easyfix particularly easy to handle during further processing.
Scratch and abrasion resistant, ELESGO easyfix can be applied easily and bubble-free to melamine-faced surfaces, MDF board, and non-absorbent substrates.


Heat resistant
Scratch resistance