ELESGO classics

ELESGO surfaces with its various textures and properties are made for the real life.

ELESGO classics

Elesgo window sill

Window sills

Exterior application

Elesgo doors

Interior doors

Elesgo furniture


Laboratory furniture

ELESGO Showroom

Versatile and environmentally friendly

Due to its unique production process, ELESGO electron beam cured surfaces are robust, long-lasting, and versatile. The EBC technology allows us to produce surfaces with different qualities – for application areas such as furniture, windowsills, and interior doors to laboratory furniture and exterior applications.

ELESGO surfaces are UV- and scratch-resistant and can be equipped with many other properties, such as water and chemical resistance or anti-fingerprint finishes.

Furniture, windowsills, and doors

The perfect fit for interior and shop fitting. ELESGO surfaces are specially designed for the individual areas of interior and shop fitting and are constantly being further developed.

Learn more about ELESGO surfaces by following the links below to specific application areas:

Flooring, laboratory furniture, and exterior applications

Made for real life: our resilient, long-lasting design surfaces can be equipped with properties such as anti-graffiti or chemical resistance.

For additional special features, follow the links to the specific application areas:


Structure of the ELESGO surface

ELESGO surfaces are composed of an impregnation coating, a base coating, and a top coating. Successively laminated onto the substrate, these coatings are then cured using our EBC technology.
The release film gives the surface its unique texture and feel. The release film can also remain on the finished product as a protective film.
The ELESGO surfaces are wound onto rolls and shipped to our customers worldwide.