Your design with the Elesgo surface.

The transparent lacquer film Elesgo one&only refines your decors with the well-known Elesgo surface quality.


Elesgo furniture


Exterior- facades


Flexible and powerful

Elesgo performance on any décor

Elesgo one&only is the brand new surface with universal application possibilities. Now it is possible for you to finish various decors with the high-quality Elesgo properties.

Extremely flexible: Choose one of our textures with the properties for the desired application area. This Elesgo one&only surface can then be applied to your decors.

Unique Elesgo properties for your surface. That ́s Elesgo one&only!

Elesgo surfaces are optionally

highly scratch-resistant

abrasion resistant


insensitive to dirt

versatile due to various textures and gloss levels

equipped with outstanding haptic properties

manufactured based on a fully cross-linked EBC surface

Elesgo one&only

Surface texture

The special feature of the Elesgo one&only surface is the interaction of the transparent acrylic lacquers with our special EBC manufacturing process. This creates a free lacquer film where no additional substrate is needed.

The special feature is that one&only can be pressed onto your individual decors. This way you give every decor a special protection with the well-known Elesgo properties and the unique Elesgo touch.


Scratch resistance
Heat resistant
Chemical resistant

*optional & texture-depending