Interior flooring




Elesgo-Oberflächen für Fußböden

Unique flooring

Tailor-made: The Elesgo surfaces you can provide your floors with a high-quality, decorative and haptically appealing design. Due to the manufacturing process with EBC technology, the surfaces are equipped with special properties that have many advantages compared to conventional products.

Anything is possible: The specially formulated acrylic resin coating systems allow us to work with youto design your desired surface and provide it with theElesgo-Surface-Properties.

Elesgo is green: The unique production process is environmentally friendly since we forego use solvents and formaldehydes in the entire process.

Elesgo surfaces are optionally

highly scratch-resistant

abrasion resistant


insensitive to dirt

equipped with a brilliant decorative print using acrylate resins

versatile thanks to a wide range of decors, structures and gloss levels

equipped with outstanding haptic properties

manufactured based on a fully cross-linked EBC surface

super matt

Weight: ~ 230 gram/m²

Scratch resistance: Level 5
(EN 438-2:2016)

Abrasion resistance: ≥ 2500
(EN 15468:2016/A)

Gloss level: ~ 5
(60° angle)

Dirt resistance: Group 1/2 Level 5, Group 3 Level 4
(EN 438-2:2016)