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The Elesgo clean touchsurface is the leading anti-fingerprint surface. With our peacock collection we offer 20 fantastic colours and decors in stock whenever you need them.

peacock collection

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peacock collection

Always a clean touch: The Elesgo clean touch surface is characterised by properties such as soft touch, anti-fingerprint, mechanical resilience and much more.

Design that lasts: The composition of the acrylate resin lacquers and the curing with electron beams make the surface extremely durable. In addition, it acquires positive properties such as extremely high scratch resistance and UV resistance.

Practical for everyday use: Elesgo surfaces are dirt-resistant and easy to clean. In particular, the optional antibacterial property makes it the perfect surface wherever cleanliness is a priority.

Elesgo is green: our production is environmentally friendly since we forgo solvents and formaldehyde in the entire process. In addition, our production process has extremely low emissions and requires low energy input.


highly scratch-resistant

abrasion resistant


insensitive to dirt

optional antibacterial

equipped with outstanding haptic properties

manufactured based on a fully cross-linked EBC surface

Elesgo clean touch red metal
Elesgo clean touch illuminating yellow
Elesgo clean touch white
Elesgo clean touch anthracite
Elesgo clean touch Elesgo Red
Elesgo clean touch green metal
Elesgo clean touch deep black
Elesgo clean touch beige
Elesgo clean touch saphire blue
Elesgo clean touch anthracite metal
Elesgo ultimate grey
Elesgo clean touch grey beige
Elesgo clean touch black red
Elesgo clean touch metal
Elesgo Cool White
Elesgo clean touch grey
Elesgo clean touch black green
Elesgo clean touch pastel violet
Elesgo clean touch black blue

Peacock Collection

Choose your perfect design from our standard range: the Peacock Collection offers you a choice of 20 different colours and decors*. You can order your desired colour or decor from a quantity of 500 sqm.

*Digital colour and decor illustrations may differ


Scratch resistance
Heat resistant


Aufbau der Elesgo-Oberfläche

Surface Structure

The special feature of the Elesgo clean touch surface is the composition of the EBC lacquers. These lacquers are applied to the substrate in several layers and cured with our patented EBC manufacturing process.

In addition to the outstanding haptically and optically properties, the EBC technology gives the surface an extremely long-life cycle.
The scratch and abrasion resistant Elesgo clean touch can be further processed without any problems on KT, HPL and CPL presses, on continuous roll laminating, or double belt presses. It is also possible to further process Elesgo clean touch into compact panels.